Our Profile

“Design should not only be about aesthetics. It should also be a smart response to the necessity for practical and functional solutions.” Inspired by the words of Jesus Gasca, STUA founder, Adorno traces a multi-year path in Contemporary Furniture and represents the best designs of major Greek and European designers, creating Practical & high aesthetics venues.”

Our History

“Our multi year presence translates into invaluable experience in Contemporary Furniture. We design, manufacture and select furniture that reflect LIfe Quality. Elegance, Comfort and Functionality are combined with Εxpertise in composing Collections that uniquely integrate into each space.

We Assist our Clients, either they are individuals, architects, builders or interior designers, in order to create an environment that expresses them, the office that represents them, the restaurant or the hotel that exudes comfort and practical luxury. Our specialists have the experience to identify and study the needs of each space and propose contemporary design, furniture and custom made solutions for high aesthetics interior design.

Our Philosophy

Our passion for design is what moves us. Every point, every space in which Life unfolds, is important. We aspire to a home that is a haven of relaxation ∙ the office, a nest of creativity ∙ the hotel, a unique hospitality experience. We know that good design is what connects us to any space. With that in mind, we create furniture that stands out for their functionality, quality and contemporary aesthetics, and we work with Designers that have distinguished themselves for their dedication in top design and their love for detail.

Our partners

We host modern design pioneers; European furniture Deisgners that stand out for their strong identity, clean design, exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail and elegance that matches our values ​​and philosophy. We still collaborate with the most inspiring interior designers in Greece to create private or professional spaces that reflect our passion for design and unpretentious comfort.

All adorno furniture are covered by Factory Warranty. Every piece of furniture is delivered with Written Guarantee.
All our fabrics can be cleaned according to the instructions that accompany our furniture upon delivery. The fabric type instructs if it is washable or needs dry cleaning.
Wooden furniture,due to the fact that they have been treated specially with waterproof varnishes or lacquers, should only be cleaned using a soft and slightly damp cloth. Any polishes give a temporary shine, but they can also create problems.
Lacquered surfaces have high duration as they are made of polyester paints, using special machines, and stabilized in special ovens. Gloss lacquers in particular have more layers of color and materials as so they have high durability.
Sleep depends mainly on the mattress and the bed base on which the mattress is placed. All our beds use special bases, anatomically constructed so that a good mattress can unfold all bed’s advantages. Regarding the mattresses, adorno only offers branded European mattresses in a wide variety, so you can choose the one that suits you.
Sofa covers can be easily replaced. All you have to do is visit one of our stores and choose the same or another fabric. adorno manufactures and installs the new covers in your own space, without having to move the sofa. Besides, you can also have a second set of covers for winter or summer.
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